Q: What's a "HauntScape"?
A: A term we use to describe our own brand of soundscapes. A "HauntScape" is spooky music and sound effects blended together to add  an eerie ambiance to your Halloween party, Halloween event, haunted house, or to play for Trick or Treaters on Halloween night.

Q: How do I use a "HauntScape"?
A: For Halloween parties and events you can let the CDs play from start to finish.  For haunted houses, listen to the CDs and use your imagination.  I have had many people create different room ideas based on the same track.  Everyone hears something different and the nice thing about a "HauntScape" is that it doesn't force you into a concept, but aids in the creative process! Use multiple copies of the same CD in different places in your haunt to maximize the effect.  Contact me for multiple CD pricing.

Q: How do you make a "HauntScape"?
A: I own and operate
Pumpkinland Studios, a digital recording studio is the S.F. Bay Area.  I use a mix of keyboards and other instruments.

Q: Do you do custom "HauntScapes"?
A: Yes, feel free to email me to discuss your ideas:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the address above and I'll add your question to this page.