Hello, My name is Mark Harvey and I own and operate Nobody Records and Pumpkinland Studios.  Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the "HauntScape" CDs I have created for your creepy enjoyment.  These CDs are being used in the some of the best commercial haunts in the world and by zillions of home haunters.
This picture is from my daughter's first Halloween.  Every year I have a child friendly haunt at my home in Northern California. While putting things together for my first season I found that I didn't have any good CDs that I could use for my haunt and  I was disappointed by the various CDs on the market.  I wanted creepy music and certain sound effects, but somehow I kept on getting screaming and torture and other things that just wouldn't work for a children's event. Or it was too musical and didn't seem to fit in my haunted house. So I decided to record my own soundtrack.  I named it after my haunt (Pumpkinland).  Soon after Halloween 1999, friends of mine encouraged me to sell copies of my "HauntScape" on eBay.  Sales were overwhelming and  I needed to have the first CD replicated to keep up with demand.  As demand grows for these products I will continue to create my brand of Halloween music,"HauntScapes". I look forward to new opportunities scoring motion pictures, commercials, television, pro and home haunts and other amusement attractions. Please feel free to contact me( NobodyRecords@gmail.com) if you are in need of professional custom tracks.

     Original Artwork 1999        The "New" Replicated Look

  Year 2000's "HauntScape"      Year 2001's "HauntScape"